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11.12.2012 , 01:02 PM | #6
Regardless if the bug is avoidable or not, it's silly that these one-shotting bugs persist and we (the user) have to jump through hoops to avoid it (pun aside). Remember how long it took for BW to fix the double-damaging lightning balls for Soa? What about how Soa would reset or pieces of the platform would disappear. Yeah... those were fun bugs. On long fights like TFB and Soa, having a bug hit you 7 minutes into the fight is aggravating as there's a large amount of run time back to the boss.

I can't say our guild has ever had that problem (knocking on wood), but unfixed bugs on operations that end up one-shotting people is stupid and needs to be fixed. It's deplorable that BW hasn't fixed things like that yet.

Potshotting random people from Operator IX instead of using deletion is stupid too. GG BW....