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We aren't running a rated team yet - thats why the post. Not looking for bads - that's why we're vetting ppl. Hit up one of our members in game for a group invite and we'll see what you're about.
My previous post was trying to gauge your level of elitism. While I have a serious attitude when competing, I'm far from having elite skills. Heck, I may never have elite skills. I don't need to be on the guild's A-team, but I do need to be on a rated team for it to be worth my time. The B-team or even C-team is fine as long as these teams actually exist and the team members are making a good faith effort to improve.

I'll whisper someone online and we'll see if I'm a fit for the guild.

Elitism tangent: There is nothing wrong with elitism (IMO). Folks have a right to form guilds that serve their desires (e.g. playing PvP at the highest level). It is a useful label that (when used properly) helps players find guilds and vice versa.

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