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No problem. And please understand that this is NOT a qq nerf thread like some have already said. With the exception of the rage smash spec, I like marauders where they are right now. I think destroying the tools they have would just make the class unfun to play.

The problem as I see it is that some classes DONT HAVE counters for anyone. Like you said snipers are in a pretty good place. Op/Sins have stealth advantage and good burst. PT's have the best burst in the game.

Personally if I game design were left up to me I would do two things. First change resolve so that a stun would give you 50% resolve and a snare would give you 25% resolve. The I would make it so that full resolve lasted 15 seconds. I would also double the cooldown on every stun ability and make our stun breakers give us stun immunity for 5 seconds.

The second thing I would do is increase the toolbox of Mercenaries. They just don't counter anybody and are not very good at anything in particular. That's dumb imo.

Of course damage tweaks need to be done here and there, but I see the big problem has to do with the previous two points.

So yeah, definitely not calling for Mara nerfs, but I think people need to recognize how powerful marauders tools are before they will be open to giving other classes powerful tools as well.
This is probably what you should have put in your OP then. What you posted was a Mara QQ thread against your best intentions. Seeing as BW has already stated on the forum that Mercs need more tools and every person posting has said that Mercs need more tools, I'm not sure what the point of this post was.
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