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I just did Taral V for the first time this weekend. My infrequently played Sage hit the mid-30s, and I realized that I could do flashpoints I'd never seen before, so I got excited and added myself to groupfinder. My group was slightly overlevel for the instance, and though they admitted surprise that I'd never done it before, they were cheerful and helpful about showing me the ropes. We skipped nothing. We watched dialogue scenes. We did every single bonus. It was an excellent experience and I leveled enough to be able to queue for Maelstrom Prison. Despite never having done that one either, I had an identically positive first experience with the flashpoint with an entirely different party obtained through the groupfinder. (Thank you, Ebon Hawk mid-level Republic-side players.)

However, on my 50, I generally go into groupfinder HM flashpoints with a different goal. I am not there to immerse myself in the story (usually, I enjoyed the story at some point earlier, leveling up). I am not there to get XP. I am interested in maximizing the fun I get out of the flashpoint and in getting my BH coms. I am delighted to omit pulls that are boring. However, I like playing the game, and I expect some actual playing to happen as we run through the flashpoint. (And I am willing to be polite and patient with those who are learning it all for the first time.)

If I have already gotten my BH coms for the day, then I simply want to maximize the fun I get from the flashpoint. On Shien, we had a channel called LFG50, where people would put together groups before the groupfinder and before BH coms. And it got used plenty. You could be more picky about who you grouped with, though, and what sort of style of play you were going for.

Groupfinder makes it easier and increases the rewards, but it also limits your ability to dictate how the group will run the instance. If you want to be able to demand this (less skipping, more story, whatever), you need to arrange the group outside of groupfinder. Otherwise, you take your chances.

There are plenty of people out there who are perfectly happy to run things the way you like. Sometimes you get lucky and find them in groupfinder. Sometimes you just have to manually arrange a group. In this case, effort is rewarded.