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2nd leap is specced into and is only 15m. Point taken.

I am also and active raider. (I have all dread guard optimised gear besides 1 armoring and have raided from day 1 - now; our guild being 5/5 HM TFB) Good marauders generally don't have a problem keeping up with me. In fact, the one I am raiding with now is usually only 1-2% behind me if not a tad ahead. I don't understand this mele disadvantage that you speak of. Even on the Tron boss where you would think range would have the advantage; they don't. Mele can leap to the cores just as fast as ranged can target them from 30m.

Like I said: there is no such thing as a ranged advantage in SWTOR.
Obliterate is 10 meters, and it does not interrupt - only immobilize.

As for "no such thing as ranged advantage" - yes there is, and it can be capitalized upon. There's also positional advantage, which I fully execute when running my Sniper (MM), Gunslinger (Engi\Engi hybrid) and Sage (bubblestun hybrid) in PvP. There are also some Ops fights that are distinctly more ranged-friendly than melee-friendly.

It's not black and white. Far from it.
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