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like the duel between Vader and Luke in Splinter of the minds eye? That's still canon?

Not that it matters but I proved my point nothing has ever been taken down to it being considered non canon. The old Marvel Comics are still in print and also not canon.

Lucas has never pulled any book or comic because it became non canon. Perhaps next time you will be more informed before you spread misinformation.
The old Marvel Star Wars comics are still in print???? Now who's putting out misinformation??? Marvel hasn't made new Star Wars comics for over 20 years now. Some comic book shops buy entire series of comics from customers for maybe 50 cents to a dollar, but those aren't considered new. The N-Canon recalls are on NEW PRODUCTS ONLY, not pre-owned. You need to do your homework, and stop trusting wookieepedia for everything. Look up Darth Malgus on there, and you'll see what I mean. I said that the basic plot/story of Splinter was still C-Canon. Some elements are now S, but that's it. If it's recalled, then THE ENTIRE STORY must be deemed N-Canon, and that never happened with Splinter. If you have issues with that, write to Leland Chee and ask him.
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