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Let go to the end of it - make all content scalable... even each heroic, FP or OPS.
1, 2, 3 ... 33 players (with or without companions) - mobs, bosses and rewards just have to adapt to the number of players and decided mode (story/hard).

As is now if you play level content in group your Xp change, you get social points... why stuck with stupid WoW model that say - part of story is only for elitists.
Let them have their precious gear grind... but adapt game to all type of players.
Do you have any idea how hard it would be to balance an encounter with a variable sliding scale of players? There are certain fights where you're punished for being too close to anyone else at certain points (Dread Council is one example). Also, lots of fights don't need more than 2 tanks in an 8-man group. If you go to 16, the dps can't just double because you still only need 2 tanks. So now they have to have some sliding scale that is different from jumping from 8-9 than it is from 8-16. It's not the same relative increase.

You obviously have no idea so try and think about what you're really asking for and the work that would go into it.