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If people would just learn when to use their stuns instead of just throwing them all away and giving me (Carnage Spec) full resolve then I would be effectively shutdown. If you stun me when i hit gore you have effectively killed my rotation. If you stun me when I hit Undying rage ,the smart thing would be to use a break on damage or just tell your team not to attack, you have effectively caused me to waste a gcd, the rest of my defensive cooldowns are probably not ready yet and I'm now a sitting duck.
The stun-happy environment is a different matter all-together. Also, even if I am smart and save my stun for the right time I'm probably still out of luck because my team mates have given you full resolve.

Don't get me wrong, I know how to use my stun, and I'm not saying Marauders are god-mode classes that can't be countered. I AM saying however, that marauders have the most powerful tools available to them than any other PVP class.