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I'm sorry but IMO undying rage isn't even maras best defensive cooldown much less the best in the game.
Cloak of pain just doesn't get noticed....

Also check your post no Mara has two 30 m leaps....

As to your first point this is because maras have the best cooldowns in PVE of non tanks, but tank stats don't work in pvp. How do u suggest maintaining their ability to operate in pve as a melee dps where melee is often at a disadvantage?

And as an aside surely you've realized that maras hard counter your main class, mercenary, but other classes can hard counter maras, ie snipers.
2nd leap is specced into and is only 10m. Point taken.

I am also and active raider. (I have all dread guard optimised gear besides 1 armoring and have raided from day 1 - now; our guild being 5/5 HM TFB) Good marauders generally don't have a problem keeping up with me. In fact, the one I am raiding with now is usually only 1-2% behind me if not a tad ahead. I don't understand this mele disadvantage that you speak of. Even on the Tron boss where you would think range would have the advantage; they don't. Mele can leap to the cores just as fast as ranged can target them from 30m.

Like I said: there is no such thing as a ranged advantage in SWTOR.