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11.12.2012 , 11:18 AM | #2

But we do have Explosive Dart (3 targets) as a cheap half cost half damage AOE.

Now that IS the 15s AOE we have.

Not to mention Sweeping Blasters (5 targets, no CD), Flame Thrower (unlimited?, 18s CD) and DFA (5 targets, 60s CD)

Missile Blast ofc is a piece of crap.

Maybe it's a spec thing.

For example, I'm able to put a free Fusion Missile on every probe on the minefield in EC HM as my first attack.

I'm sure it sucks more for Arsenal which has a fixed 1.30m CD on TSO but Arsenal gains almost nothing from leaving the holy rotation of Tracer, Unload, HSM and Railshot.

In a heavy fight, Pyro can get TSO down into the 30s bracket which makes the cost of FM mostly irrelevant.

If what you really mean is you think Mercs suffer from a lack of aoe abilities then I say you're very wrong. No other class can do as much AOE damage as a Merc.

Mercs can also stack AOE on top of AOE... on top of AOE for pack annihilation.

e.g. FM, ED plus choice of Flame Thrower, Sweeping Blasters or DFA as the final channel on top.

Or hell, even Flame Thrower, DFA and Sweeping Blasters one after the other.

By the time that's over you should have ED again