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11.12.2012 , 11:14 AM | #16
Scoundrel healing tree. But for fun, get some "dirty fighting" tree points early on:
No Holds Barred (3)
Black Market Mods (2)
Dirty Escape (2)

Other than that, typical sawbones, adding in the 3% healing points
from "scrapper" tree very late in your leveling process.

Keeping Bowdar and Akavvi up while they have aoe skills turned on
is really fun. Turn off their aoes if you want them to fight safely in situations
where you need to keep both your sap and slice cc's unmolested. Get good
at directing them to keep aggro off you, and use dirty kick with abandon!

You can solo just about any heroic2 while leveling, and many heroic4s.
What you learn doing this also works exceedingly well in flashpoints.

Pvp, maybe you'd change it up a bit at very high levels. But a heavy sawbones
with a good dirty kick is great in lower level pug pvp.