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yep, im in the same situation.

when f2p hits i will be spending all my cartel coins on XP boosts, and will be trying to power level a powertech through warzones. at least i wont have to really grind all the gear again, as i can transfer it through legacy gear
I have my VG with 8 piece WH now. Tactics spec. I like it, but honestly, I still perform better on my Commando than the VG. I think it's the whole melee aspect that I'm not really digging. My VG does take quite a beating before he dies tho. The survivability of Tactics is amazing. I rolled a sniper recently because, even with the extra survivability, I still dislike melee. Sniper is a pretty hard class to learn tho. Gotta find this one Imp on my server who is King of Snipers so I can ask for help.

Hopefully this will all be short lived and in 1.6 they will fix most of the issues with Commandos. I just have this feeling that it will become a bit OP.
25 minute Assault Commando pvp video:
Duck'bumps (Assault Commando) vs Silch (Focus Guardian) all 5 Rounds (Silch POV):