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11.12.2012 , 10:40 AM | #123
A couple of my guildies just hit 50 yesterday. Both have full 61 BiS mains so they are extremely competent raiders. One has a Mara main and the other has an Operative healer. The Mara rolled an assassin tank and the Operative rolled a Merc. The Merc had 15k health and the Assassin had around 18-20k, forget the exact number. They wiped twice on the entire instance. The other dps was a 18k Sniper and the Healer was a 19k Merc. Neither of the other players were guilded or in optimized gear. All gear in the instance was a mash up of Columi, Recruit, and Battlemaster, with the Merc possibly having the Rakata Chest. It took them 25 minutes to clear it. People who say this Flashpoint is too hard have a serious case of lazy. This FP takes about 5 mins of research on Youtube to have a firm grasp on EVERY SINGLE MECHANIC. LI HM is the preferred daily BH run in guild because our top raiders can clear it in about 15 minutes. You can can call me out on as much of this as you want, but at the end of the day if you cant clear LI HM and youre attacking me for showing how easy it is, use those 5 minutes you spent to write the post and Youtube LI HM instead.