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I would like to point out that a little dialogue solves a lot of problems. Those new players should point out right at the start that they are new to the specific flashpoint HM and want to kill all the bosses. At this point it is the group's responsibility to help this new player - provided he has brought the bare minimums (in terms of gear and knowledge of class) necessary for the said flashpoint. The option to kill everything can be discussed, if it's rejected even so it is for the benefit of the new player to continue. Remember that most FP drops are only minor upgrades. The biggest and most efficent upgrades for new 50's are from BH Vendors. Getting Black Hole commendations as fast as possible in this regard helps new players as well.

Seeing as you here you commented on LVL 50 HM FP, pretty sure it was safe to assume you didn't read it. He is not ************ about lvl 50 at all he's annoyed that on a lvl 34 FP NORMAL LVLING MODE that people are skipping all trash and being jerks about watching the video's. Wasn't trying to be a D*ck before but i can be now if you'd rather it like that.