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Okay, let's take a look at the ability shall we...
Fusion Missile is a 1.5 second cast time ability that does damage to three enemies, and once every two minutes can be turned into an immediate fire ability. It has a good amount of damage over six seconds, but can be interrupted and works on a thirty second cooldown. The damage and explosion to affect up to two other people besides your target is great, but let's look at other classes for a moment...

Corrosive Grenade: Instant Cast, affects up to three people for internal damage over time, Twelve Second Cooldown
Plasma Probe: Instant Cast, affects up to five people in five meters, can be placed strategically to block doors over it's eighteen second duration, deals elemental damage and stuns any target affected by Interrogation Probe. Eighteen Second Cooldown.
Death Field: Can be strategically placed to hit exactly three people at any time, Instant Cast, instant internal damage and can be specialized to leave a debuff increasing damage-over-time effects from the inquisitor. Fifteen Second Cooldown.
Chain Lightning: Hits up to five people withing 8 meters of the target for immediate energy damage. Can be specialized to hit them a second time for 30% of the initial damage on proc. Can also be specialized to be refreshed and made instant cast on proc of Lightning Strike or Force Storm. Six Second Cooldown.
Wither: Deals Kinetic Damage to five targets nearby, decreasing damage by 5% and slowing enemies by 30%. Smart Ability that does not affect incapacitated or sleeping targets. Effects lasts 15 seconds. Seven Point Five Second Cooldown.
Smash: Affects five nearby targets for kinetic damage. Can be specialized to increase damage and reduce cost by 25% for every tick of Force Choke and Force Crush, can be specialized to not have any cost at all, can be specialized to reduce armor of anyone affected, and can be specialized to have an instant guaranteed critical hit after a Force Charge or Obliterate. Fifteen Second Cooldown, which can be specced to be reduced (by one second) EVERY TIME YOU HIT A STRIKE, VICIOUS SLASH, FORCE SCREAM, OR VICIOUS THROW.

I see a pattern here: The other classes have a fifteen second or less burst of AoE damage that can hit three or more people (besides the default, which has no cooldown and is not included due to the fact that'd be comparing to Sweeping Blasters)

Bioware, do you see a pattern here, I sure do. Let's remedy that.
Fusion Missile should not be instant cast, but it generates a LOT of heat, literally a third of my bar, and has a thirty second cooldown.
How can we fix this you ask? Great question.
Reduce the Heat Generation to 24 and the Cell Cost (for the trooper equivalent Plasma Grenade) to 3.
Reduce Cooldown to fifteen seconds, possibly adding a talent in Pyrotech to proc an instant cast of the ability with no ammo cost that will reset the cooldown.

Fusion Missile is a great ability, but I can't use it a lot since it takes half a minute to refresh cooldown and I'd get more burst from shooting an Explosive Dart. It's more of a 'pull all three mobs and hurt them all' ability that keeps them busy while my Explosive Dart prepares to knock them down.
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