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Quote: Originally Posted by DarthFamine View Post
I'm going to have to disagree with you there.

you can claim that it is balanced for tionese but the bottom line is that it is not.
I watched over 30 attempts last night alone, and every group was geared columni or better and all failed.
To be blunt
It's over tuned and not worth the reward.

Now I know i'm about to get hate/l2p flame but I simply don't care.

The bottom line is that the op is right.
It is balanced for four people with tionese gear, trust me, I have done it. As I wrote a little back in the thread me and a few friends bought full tionese gear just to test it out and see if it was possible, and yes it was. We cleared all the content (didn't skip packs) without one single wipe in the entire flashpoint. It all hangs on the skill of the player, just like the dev. says in his/her post, if you aren't skilled enough then maybe you should do it gear well over the req. level (rakata/blackhole/dreadguard)

Quote: Originally Posted by POPsi View Post
yeah well it'd like to see the guy down this FP in tionese gear. I'd say healing would be the most critical part where groups would fail with the gear. It'd be only possible with no mistakes taken whatsoever, meaning no wandering in any of the aoe-s ever, which is quite impossible especially at the last boss.
When me and my friends from my guild did it in full tionese gear (that we only bought to test out if it was possible) we had one assassin tank (me), one powertech DPS and one sniper DPS and one sorcerer healer and we hit no enrage time, we had one death in the entire flashpoint (on trash lol) however combat ress were used and no wipes. So it is possible you just need to know the mechanics and be a skilled player.


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