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The basic tenent within the Star Wars universe is that there is no light without darkness. A new order will arise. A reborn Sith or some other organization will fill the needs of the Darkside. The pendulum swings. The prophesy of Anakin bringing the Force into balance is the elimination of the two most powerful Force users. Yoda is chased into hiding until his death and Palpatine is killed by his hand. It is this stark contrast of black and white that made GL edit in Greedo shooting first.

If you want to use the EU, both orders have been destroyed and manage to reform. There was the Dai Bendu, the Je'daii, the Old Jedi Order, and the New Jedi order. From the Je'daii the True Dark Sons of Tython were born. From there the Sith Empire, the New Sith Empire, the Brotherhood of Darkness, the Galactic Empire, and argueably the One Sith.

It will no doubt be a Force based enemy. The extragalactic enemy doesn't fit within the basic tenant of darkness and light. Well unless the extragalactic invaders are Darksiders of some sort, but that doesn't feel quite right. The darkness always seems to come from within and then it is challenged and defeated. It's the personal conquest of self. Star Wars is the personification of the inner struggle within us all. Why do you think we take this stuff so seriously? It resonates with us in a subconscious way.

That is why WE are the Star Wars universe.
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