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There you would be wrong again, several of these attempts were made by veteran raiders who know what to do. in full campaign/black hole with a columni geared healer.
I'm gonna bet they might have known *some* of what to do, but not everything. I've done complete pug runs on Columi geared healers of all 3 kinds, and the only time I ever had wipes was on one run where we kept having people die to KB on Sav-Rak because they weren't running in close enough.

The fights in LI are a lot more complex than those of the T1 HMs, and a lot of people don't ever bother doing their research so they only know what they manage to catch out of the corner of their eye rather than everything that's going on. If a healer is having problems keeping a group of overgeared guildies alive, the problem is the players' execution, not the relative difficulty of the fights.
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