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11.12.2012 , 08:40 AM | #11
Seeing as none of you really read OP's post i'll comment on it. I had the same situation as you in the same place Taral V. However i had a different experience I had never run it neither had the tank (we were both IMP's lvling Pub's) And the tank pulled everything in there including bonus bosses. It took forever, honestly hour and 10-15 mins to complete(no wipes), however i did gain almost a lvl and a half ( I have all the FP bonus XP from legacy). Was enjoyable, but the next few times it was complete 360. The tank and a DPS just skipping everything they could get around. Got about half the xp and wasn't really happy with the time invested, it took nearly an hour. I spoke and and said something to the 2 skippers. "Why you guys skipping everything" response "This place is too long its not worth it" my response "Why skip stuff while lvling your missing out on the best XP by skipping trash in FP, @ 50 i'd be right behind you skipping wouldn't say a word." tank told me too bad and kept on going. So i just started pulling everything 3,4,5 mobs at once... I am the healer lol... the tank would turn back and kill it so in the end i guess i won.

Like i said I am all for skipping trash at 50 in HM FP's but while lvling there is no sense in skipping it, esp if your with someone like me who spent a couple 100k to get all the bonus XP in there.