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11.12.2012 , 07:47 AM | #5
I couldn't find anything on the forums that covered reverse engineering of end-game craft, hoping someone sees this and will provide a link to something relevant.

I can confirm that Black Hole Implants bought and found can be RE'd with the possibility of a schematic. I bought a player made Hazmat implant on my server with the hopes of RE'ing for a schematic, but the tooltip says no. Interestingly enough, the tooltip also says no for level 27 armorings that are player made, but if you put them in a piece of gear, then pull them out, they can be RE'd for the schematic.

I'm not sure why there is so much confusion over what can, and what cant be RE'd, as well as craftable gear (tionese) that is bind on pickup. It just seems like a waste of resources.