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Awesome event, I had a great time

22 republic players and about the same Imperials. So approx 40 lvl 50 people for the event, great turnout.

2 capture the flag style events, though brief, provided some laughs.

Bounty hunt event across the sorching sands of the Dune sea, kind of cool, till I got ganked by 6 Imps..

The Assault on the Czeka factory with both sides having a crack at attack and defence was my favourite of the group events. Cant believe some Rep players fell for the old knock em down the elevator shaft trick, good positioning by the Imp players I thought.
Gear showed though when Reps where on the defence, nice work people and nice try by the Imp Assasins, they penetrated our def pretty well, and I think I took a scratch to the leg..need to gear up pvp wise fella's

Our special events of the night where the following

Luc (his Rep toon) vs Myronreducto (?) Sent vs Mara

Victory to Luc

Terrytate vs Crysalis GS vs Sniper

Victory to Crysalis (OMG Terry W T F ??)

Juria vs Stevoo Shadow vs Assassin

Victory to Juria (was close but then Juria brought it home well)

Some 4v4 was briefly begun
but we decided to call it a night.

Winners of the cash prizes
Shygirl won for the Reps
? for the Imps

Im summary, it was a trial night both to see how many we could get, but also what worked and what didnt work for the types of battles. Interestingly some people liked the Capture the flag style, others the Bounty hunt or myself the Assault/Defend the Czerka factory, it seems there was something for everyone.
The mumble channel was pretty fun as well almost the highlight for me.

40 plus people watching the duels of some our best players felt pretty awesome I might add.
There also seemed some good interest in 4 man Arena style matches, something to think about perhaps?

My only regret of the night was that the listed prize of a Blue Black Crit Crystal was withdrawn at the last minute.
This was my suggestion as I thought it was an overly generous gift by that GM.
I regret that this happened and I take full responsibility for it.
If you feel this is unfair or in any way that you lost out, feel free to contact me in game and I will personally refund your entrance fee.

All up a great night.

Your input as to what you liked or didn't like on the night is appreciated as well as any suggestions you might have for the next event, please add your comments below.


Stevoo and the crew from Nightmare Council, thanks for coming and especially thank you for the use of your mumble server, it made things much easier.

And generally to everyone who turned up
thanks for a great time
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