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So gear makes u a good player? The reason people are failing is probably due to the fact this is the first instance they come accross which actually requires some competence behind the pixels of the characters and unfortunately the majority of those columi players would not have seen any mechanics like the ones in this flashpoint. Not only do you have to have competence but the rest of the team does also.

I have done this in a full tionese/columi team and it wasnt that hard but then again we have all done this fp alot with our mains. The current difficulty is fine but it takes tactics and competency and I believe thats why they failed.
just as I predicted

There you would be wrong again, several of these attempts were made by veteran raiders who know what to do.
in full campaign/black hole with a columni geared healer.

The issue time and time again was that the healer was not capable of generating the required number to heal through the encounter. The execution was there, the numbers simply could not be attained with the gear.

The reward is not worth it.
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