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Tank gear is irrelevant for Shaclaw fight, though, because what kills you, the poison, can't be mitigated, and is going to kill you in roughly the same number of hits whether you have 20k hp or 25k hp.

You can avoid the satchel charges in the Lorrick fight in a number of ways. I personally run around him to the left. The charges come out in conal sweep in front of Lorrick, starting from his left to his right. If you move to the left you'll dodge them all. I just run in a circle around him. Other people like to LOS him behind the tanks, but I find this is extremely difficult on the dps and healer.

Assassin tanks can also force shroud (it does not get rid of the bombs, it just negates the damage) when they're about to explode.

I remember one run of LI where I was on my tank but geared and specced for DPS. The actual tank just absolutely would not even attempt to avoid the bombs, and the healer could not or would not heal him through 4 explosions. After a few wipes caused by this, I decided to taunt Lorrick during the bomb phase. Avoided every bomb and we finally cleared it.

Just run in a circle to the left. As the tank, you'll never eat bombs that way.