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11.12.2012 , 06:06 AM | #6
Any of these chances should be a singular change. So yeah, definitely no 1 AND 2. I agree we'd be going back to the Tracer Missile era if that were to happen.

I get it, it changes things quite a lot. Not only an addition to an ability, but it forces us to adjust our playstyle. In my eyes, that's a fun thing to *test*, but it's not often a viable option to implement (as it will come with many different opinions towards it).

Well, as far as our damage goes I tend to do pretty well too, no complaints in Operations. However I think to keep adding more interesting fight mechanics will definitely result in tougher times for casters. Ofc it will be tougher for anyone at that point. But I've recently started clearing endgame content on my Powertech, which is the first melee I'm using to do so (and one of the least mobile melee classes along with Operative). And I find that in a situation where my TK Sage would also be allowed to stand still and freecast, my Ptech usually has enough time to run up (possibly with an Explosive Dart or Rail Shot whereas my Sage would only be able to apply Weaken Mind if I hadn't yet, if I'm lucky TK Wave, or otherwise a slightly wasteful Project), and also be allowed to perfectly apply my rotation. In such a situation where melee & ranged are 'delayed' equally, melee should start to pull ahead in DPS.
In a more dynamic & interactive end-game situation of PvP, we can already see the trend of melee dominating other classes (thank god for Gunslinger cover!), and casters being the least wanted in your team. Towards the future, the gap might become bigger for PvE as well. BUT! We are not there yet, so it's fine to keep us as we are for a little while longer.

I think that's a very troublesome implementation; having cast times or channeled times on the move. It's clear they didn't want to attempt this at launch, I don't think this will change a year or even longer into the game. It might be a great change, but if there's other options this might be put on the backburner.
That said, yeah, it would be very helpful. More chance to choose when to use it as well as a new skill that allows us to re-position ourselves.

I like this second one. Any double-attack is visually satisfying and a nice damage booster.
I could also see an addition of Turbulence to Tidal Force, allowing for higher up-time potential on TK Wave, which is already our best on-the-go move if we need to reposition while trying to keep up the damage.

Thanks for the response~