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Actually, the main story in it is C-Canon, still. Most other elements are N or S-Canon, now. Do I need to show how the Canon system works again? Leland Chee does everything in his power to make everything fit, no matter what. It's ONLY when he can't make anything fit that it's deemed N-Canon. For the record, the story takes place between Episodes IV and V in continuity. It's similar to what happened to The Thrawn Trilogy. Some things in that series are S-Canon now, but it's still in print due to the story itself being C-Canon.

Certain elements, such as the Kaiburr Crystal's attributes, are kept as an S-Canon rumor, now.'s_Eye

The only officially sanctioned N-Canon series is the Infinities comic book line. It's a lot like ElseWorlds or What If??? comics.
like the duel between Vader and Luke in Splinter of the minds eye? That's still canon?

Not that it matters but I proved my point nothing has ever been taken down to it being considered non canon. The old Marvel Comics are still in print and also not canon.

Lucas has never pulled any book or comic because it became non canon. Perhaps next time you will be more informed before you spread misinformation.