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People don't leave Warzones because they want to be on a winning side, most leave because of the amount of sheer idiots that a) fail to call inc b) get sucked away from door/node c)don't pass the ball in Huttball d)list goes on.
The growing DOTA mentality is the biggest reason in my opinion. Many have grown a really REALLY nasty attitude when pvp'ing so if a person makes a mistake for whatever reason he/she will get showered in abusive language.

No one wants to try harder after being verbally abused without even knowing why. And i pity the people that actually have balls enough to ASK what they did wrong... That often takes the abuse to a whole different level. Someone *might* give an explanation but will still flame the "offender" to a crisp while doing it.... I don't know about you but an explanation like that gets ignored by me...

People need to calm down and stop being a**hats over a stupid game.