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11.12.2012 , 04:53 AM | #22
Well, other than gear, *level* also matters. Doing all the quests and such, you should almost always be overleveled for the planet you're supposed to be on. You didn't mention whether or not your brother was the same level fighting the same enemy.

And yeah, greens are the new grey. In TOR, you should pretty much always be in blues or better.

IIRC, Hoth is usually the big jump in difficulty for tankish types, but I believe I usually hit Hoth over lvl 40. (w/o doing any FP's, and few heroics), so I'm unsure that's your issue, if you're running into a wall at 35. Problem is at Hoth you start running into a lot more foes with elemental attacks, which basically ignore pretty much all the tank's defensive abilities, and it becomes a straight DPS race... which tank characters aren't really equipped to win.