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While we are on the subject: I cant seem to be of much use as a PT (Tank) in PvP. Compared to my Sorc I get about 50% of the amount of medals.

So how to play a PT in PvP?
In two words: You Don't

The vast majority of a PT shieldtech defenses is passive migration which does not stop 90% of PvP damage. In effect, your shields are useless in PvP because tech / force attacks from other players go right through them. As a PT shieldtech myself, our class is the absolute worse PvP tank class. In PvE we are great though as NPC attacks are largely shield'able.

Some die hard tanks put on DPS spec armor for PvP... but honestly, for PTs, thatís a stupid move. Even changing cylinders your DPS sucks and without the heat management abilities of the pyro or AP trees you WILL over heat in record time....
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