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You guys want to talk about bubbles go for it, want to have a cry about bubble burst? Cry into your pillow because I am so sick of having to hear about how OP bubble burst is tbh.
With 2 set pvp gear a bubble leaves you with a 17 second debuff which stops you from getting bubbled again. in pvp 17 seconds is a long time, especially if you have a big hitter on you. If you are unable to counter the bubble well shame on you, that doesn't speak to how OP the burst is, only of your lack of ability in pvp.
If someone is going to pop their bubble on you to stun you for the incredibly long period of time (in case you didn't know its only a 3 second stun) then they lose the damage reduction it provides.
I don't understand why everyone is all up in arms about "OP bubble burst spec" when if you KNOW the facts, you can see its hardly compares to some of the other imbalances in the game. If you can't kill me on my sage/sorc do not blame my spec, its a really weak excuse, I die many many times in pvp fact is your just ****.

Well really, that bubble stun is the only thing sages/sorcs have going for them. Once the bubble is off, 17 sec is more than enough time for a pyro to melt a healer.
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