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11.12.2012 , 04:09 AM | #18
I was also under the impression using your stuns strategically would be important. Since 1.4 it seems people just use it when it's up because there's no real harm most of the time. I see lowbies popping knock back in the worst situations just cause it is up as well. In ranked this issue wasn't bad as good teams do use stuns strategically but now bubble throws that out the windows. It's to the point that I'd rather burn down the tanks than go after a great bubble sage/sorc.

I sent in a ticket and got that same response, it's a template.

In an effort to make this productive, lets get more stun match counts and ideas how to fix this (since BW clearly can't).

I love the shorter cool down on the breaker, but I think it needs a small immunity window.
Stunning a stunned player could backfire, break their stun, or maybe just add a lot of resolve.
Resolve could fill 4x but full resolve may make you debuffed and take say 10% more damage.
Roots should add resolve
I'd like a red text message when stunned
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