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Time will tell if this becomes a reality but with my Trooper who is dps I will wait over a half hour to find a group in q. I just feel this would stop the bleeding of people leaving this game so fast once they hit lvl 50. Once your lvl 50 the game ends as far as story. This would be a great bridge for a lot of people where companions would interact during flashpoints. This game though has become like every MMO the end game is all about loot. I expected more stories and more story involvement. If this is a story driven MMO they should keep the stories coming every update. Why get HK 51 if you can only run dailys with him?
Bingo, game cant hold people becuase:

Replayability is awful (less that 5% content different for each class on same side, group content is mostly the same)
As soon as you hit 50, unless you raid and are gear nut youll quit very soon (more like immediately)

And they wonder why 2+m people said no to SWTOR. What they offer IS NOT worth of subscription, free trial to lvl50 will change nothing.