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11.12.2012 , 02:41 AM | #6
As the poster above me noted, f2P won't hurt pvp, it just won't help it with the current 3 wz's per week per character limit. Unless the PvP'er is willing to pay for the weekly WZ pass, they'll have 0 effect on current PvP, except perhaps a -slightly- faster queue pop on prime time hours.

Now any PvP'er who does buy the weekly pvp will effect pvp, and we can only guess at that. If they have the proper understanding of how MMO pvp is designed and the right mentality/attitude, we might get some decent new players and fairly good matches.

If the f2p crowd that does buy weekly passes thinks this is a casual game, we'll just get more Q.Q on the forum about gear/premades/healers/teamwork/fotmers or whatever excuse it is that week for people losing (other than their own lack of mentality/skill/effort of course.)