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I may consider this, and just play around until lvl 20 on a few different classes. It's good advice.

Yep, the answers aren't too different. Thanks for your advice here, and on reddit.

I think the problem is that I've been skipping huge chunks of planet quests, because at lower levels I was about 4-5 levels ahead of the planets that I was on (see CrazedMike's Leveling guide). I guess now, I'll have to work harder on gearing myself and my companion.

I agree, but my brother (sniper) does a good job at soloing bosses, by using his companion as a tank.


Thanks for the advice guys. I may as well get this toon to level 50 and/or at least try to recover.
My main character is a sniper and I did have trouble levelling at times. I was an armourmech, so my tank companion was always reasonably geared. Still at some segments in the game I barely made it though fights. The tank always died and I survived with low health (Act I finale was sooo difficult for me. Died about 10 times). It got lot better more towards the end, though. I recommend you to stick with the character to the end an see how you're doing then. You might get better and enjoy it!