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I want to bring up a problem i have with the state of the community in the game, specifically dealing with flash points and group finder. It seems that as soon as group finder was introduced two things immediately happened: 1) it became the norm for a flashpoint run to be a speed run skipping everything just to get to the end; and 2) we all stopped talking to each other. Now at first I thought this was awesome! I was almost full rakata on one toon and partial tionese on the other and all I really wanted out of endgame flash points was the black hole commendations and the gear tokens that dropped of the final boss. This men i would get what i wanted much faster and i didn't need to wast time trying to get a group together. Now I'm and imp, all the toons i have leveled to 50 so far have been imps, but i decided to level a Jedi just recently and have been doing some flash points and have realized that alot of the time the same thing happens in regular flash points as hard mod flash points, tho to a lesser extent, but it was not till i ran Taral V for the first time that i realized that this attitude will just turn new players off of doing flash points. The experiance of being the only person in a group who has never run the flashpoint while everyone else is running past everything with no explanation as to what the hell was going on was just not any fun at all.

The only solution to this problem i see, (short of this rant having the miraculous effect of changing the entire SWToR comunity ), would be perhaps to have an option in the group finder if we want a speed run or not and group with like minded players. Sometimes I would not mind fighting all the bosses in a flash point, other times I just want to get my dailies done.

I would like to point out that a little dialogue solves a lot of problems. Those new players should point out right at the start that they are new to the specific flashpoint HM and want to kill all the bosses. At this point it is the group's responsibility to help this new player - provided he has brought the bare minimums (in terms of gear and knowledge of class) necessary for the said flashpoint. The option to kill everything can be discussed, if it's rejected even so it is for the benefit of the new player to continue. Remember that most FP drops are only minor upgrades. The biggest and most efficent upgrades for new 50's are from BH Vendors. Getting Black Hole commendations as fast as possible in this regard helps new players as well.
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