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11.12.2012 , 01:32 AM | #3
Ya if they add premade matching with premades waiting up to a few minutes to fight another premade (and fighting a pug if they can't) and add in same faction teams when needed then I think f2p could really help this games pvp.

However, if they leave the system as is then I doubt many f2p'rs will keep playing pvp for long and if they are the type that likes some amount of pvp (which even a lot of casuals do occasionally) then they will quit. If this happens then the pvp population won't increase and many people that are barely holding on will leave too.

So imo, if done correctly, f2p could save pvp but if not then pvp will be in a pretty bad state.

I love star wars and I love my classes and I want to keep playing but me personally I'm waiting here until either some matching system is in place or gw2 makes some capture the flag/etc. type wz's. Whichever is first. I hope its swtor.