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Some points for consideration/clarification...

I guess all gears are allowed? (personally I think mh/oh only will allow more participants).

No medpacks and no adrenals. How about other consumables (e.g. stims and cybertech gadgets)?

How is the no-respec rule administered? The competition is to span multiple weeks. Some people may not even remember their own exact spec. With same AC vs AC, it may just be simpler to let player freely respec.

I assume it is held at the dueling pit in outlaw den. So vanish rocket boot is not a concern.

Thats all for now. Thanks to Seraphic Nexus.
Interesting point on the gear being MH/OH only, I will discuss that with the other organizers.

Grenades wont be allowed, as with most things we want quick, fast and skilled duels. This isn't meant to feel like a Warzone with grenades, medpacks and stims.

Adrenal's will be reviewed.

Re-specing rule was added when people had to leave the tournament too return to the fleet to re-spec now that field re-specs are available and if timings on duels are met re-specing should be fine too allow again.

Location will most likely be at outlaws Den but we will have an alternate location ready and known if necessary.

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What if one of the duels is going for way to long like a healer vs healer what are you gonna be doing about that if it actually happens.
Healers and Tanks will not be allowed for that reason. We are hoping to hold the Tournament next year giving anyone who wishes to enter it time to choose a preferred class and have the time to gear/learn/adapt in that class, also this Tournament has been made known to the other Australian servers with the intention of allowing them the time to join us on our server or the motivation continue a toon created on our server previously.

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You stoles my idea!

I'm kidding, you probably didn't.

We ran a similar thing on Gav recently so thought I'd post a few tips that we found.

Make the group sizes as small as possible, so it's easier to manage.

Allow medpacs, adrenals etc. Reason being, it makes it incredibly hard to manage otherwise. For instance, how would people know if I as a shadow tank, use a medpac or my Battle Readiness for a small heal? (note, I could not spec the heal component, trigger the skill AND use a medpac at the same time) It's not as if these consumables are that hard to come by, so we left it open and made it all a lot easier for ourselves.

Anyway, if there's anything else feel free to get in touch.
We will have a form of "referee's" on both faction who will have there representing faction member currently dueling targeted to ensure the rules are met if they identify someone breaking the rule, the duel will end and they will receive a loss.

Abilities that heal you through your class or spec are acceptable as you should all have those available to you in your respective class. The AC Dueling part of the Tournament will allow skilled individuals to show there chosen spec and make clear its strengths and weakness's.

Tonight we will discuss these rules and update them as the Guide above was created quite along time ago and is out of date. We will update this shortly and implement any suggestion's we feel would benefit the Tournament.

Please continue adding feedback or providing question's and queries.