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If you aren't having fun playing a class, chalk it up as a loss and re-roll. Not every player will be great at EVERY class they play, and the playstyle for certain classes just doesn't fit with every person who plays it. You might have a hard time with this class but be a natural as another. ToR is a game, you're supposed to have fun playing it! If you've gotten to level 35 and you still aren't having fun or hit your stride with the class, just re-roll.
I may consider this, and just play around until lvl 20 on a few different classes. It's good advice.

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looks like people telling you the same thing everyone on reddit told you, you're doing it wrong. PT is just as good if not better than a sniper.
Yep, the answers aren't too different. Thanks for your advice here, and on reddit.

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The problem is always gear. No matter what class, or companion, if you can't get through a fight, you have a gear problem. You should be wearing blues or purples (at or close to level) or orange with blue or purple inserts (also at level). Your offhand should be the same quality, as should your implants. Do this and you can play any class with any companion. Green is only okay for low levels, as rp gear, or if the game has started to feel too easy and you're rolling over bosses.
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This does happen at certain levels. If you are skipping through planets without doing the bonus missions you are missing out on some gear and some levels that you may need before taking on other worlds.

I'm an average player and so I usually make sure I'm several levels above whatever planet I'm about to start on just in case I find mobs a bit too tough. Doing space missions or just participating in pvp to get those extra few levels (not winning pvp cause I suck.. but just participating gets you the xp).
I think the problem is that I've been skipping huge chunks of planet quests, because at lower levels I was about 4-5 levels ahead of the planets that I was on (see CrazedMike's Leveling guide). I guess now, I'll have to work harder on gearing myself and my companion.

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Either Powertech, Mercenary, Marauder or Juggernaut with healer companion are best for soloing bosses and whatnot. Assassin tanks are good but Inquisitors don't get their healer until Hoth ~lvl 40ish. Hunters get Mako at lvl 10 on the starter planet and Warriors get Quinn on Balmorra ~lvl 20ish. My main is a Rage Marauder in full custom purple gear with might augments and with Quinn she can kill anything.
I agree, but my brother (sniper) does a good job at soloing bosses, by using his companion as a tank.


Thanks for the advice guys. I may as well get this toon to level 50 and/or at least try to recover.
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Darth Baras has his own Sith Code:
The Cake is a Lie, there is only Pie; Through Pie, I gain Calories; Through Calories, I gain Fat; Through Fat, I gain Girth; Through Girth, my Belt is Broken; The Recliner Shall Free Me!