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11.12.2012 , 12:31 AM | #36
I seriously think people keep insisting he'd be a scoundrel because somebody called him a scoundrel in the movie. Scoundrel is defined as a dishonest or unscrupulous person, or a rogue. It is used as an advanced class distinction because it sounds smugglerish. That's all. Not because somebody thought Han Solo behaved like some dishonest two-bit villain.

If I had to choose one class present in this game to fit Han Solo it would most definitely be gunslinger. He doesn't fit the scoundrel advanced class very well at all, the only thing he has in common with it is wielding one blaster and somebody calling him a scoundrel. "Scoundrel" was an allusion to his personal character, not his choice of combat style.

However I agree that he's actually more of a mix of both Scoundrel class and Gunslinger class, with a heavy Gunslinger bias.

But seriously, you guys, this whole "he's a scoundrel because he by definition acts like the textbook definition of scoundrel" thing is just stupid. He's a gunslinger because mechanics-wise he fits it better. That's if you have to choose between scoundrel and gunslinger. Otherwise, he's probably neither. Insisting he's a scoundrel advanced class because his personality is dishonest and roguish even though his fighting style really doesn't mesh well with it at all is just stupid. Stop it.