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11.12.2012 , 12:23 AM | #9

You stoles my idea!

I'm kidding, you probably didn't.

We ran a similar thing on Gav recently so thought I'd post a few tips that we found.

Make the group sizes as small as possible, so it's easier to manage.

Allow medpacs, adrenals etc. Reason being, it makes it incredibly hard to manage otherwise. For instance, how would people know if I as a shadow tank, use a medpac or my Battle Readiness for a small heal? (note, I could not spec the heal component, trigger the skill AND use a medpac at the same time) It's not as if these consumables are that hard to come by, so we left it open and made it all a lot easier for ourselves.

Anyway, if there's anything else feel free to get in touch.