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This is one of the things I miss about SWG. I loved having houses, being able to decorate them and especially having my own store. I'd love to be able to have my own apartment or something, that all my characters can have access to (regardless of faction, though! I don't really need two houses per server, though that might be interesting anyhow if they look different). Now....don't...mock me for admitting this, but before I played SWG, I played an MMO called ToonTown. I know, I know. LOL. It was my first one, but could have a houses there, and your house was instanced. Players could teleport to you, and therefore, go into your houses. There was one house per toon and you had a little neighborhood (8 houses total if memory serves) to yourself. I think something like that would be nice. The whole "walking down the street" thing will probably be difficult to code/manage...though I personally have no idea. It just seems daunting. But having it instanced and letting people TP directly to you and your neighborhood/houses would be awesome.
Just my two credits. =P
I do miss the player Housing from SWG, and EQ2. It was definatly a time sink for me decorating out me houses. I am not holding my breath though that BW will introduce player housing,and Decorating in this game. Frankly at this stage I am way way to cynical about that ever happening in this game.