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all these stories are very entertaining. major props to all with patience.

i remember the first time i ran LI as a healer (first time i actually got through the entire FP as well)...our melee DPS has level 48 mods in his gear, and at the second boss fight, he had a habit of dropping orbs right on top of the tank. we wiped many times because we just couldn't kill the boss fast enough due to the dps being in subpar gear and the tank dying to lightning balls faster than i could heal. eventually, that guy had to go, and we got someone else who understood the fight and was better geared.

then there was the time where i tanked LI for the first time. we got to the final boss without much problem, but when he exploded into a giant rakghoul, we would always wipe due to the dps not dpsing him down fast enough. our sage dps made a few remarks about that. eventually, after a few wipes, he had to go, so we picked up another dps. i really should have inspected that first guy. the new dude was far better, and we killed the boss without a problem.

and then...there was the last time i ran LI as a dps. the boss after the droid...the one that hops up onto the pipes and you have to channel the terminals to get him to drop back down. our first fight with him, the tank ran from terminal to terminal instead of just sticking to his assigned one. the healer and i are like, "dude.....what?" and we wipe cause the boss just sat up on the pipes and spat us to death. the tank says, "you're supposed to click on the terminals one at a time when he's on the pipes." the funny thing was that the other dps was new to this HM, so we had given clear instructions on what to do before the fight even started.
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