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A unique system that stops chain CC my fanny we are still constantly CC'ed and have no way to combat it with spaming roots/snares/slows till ur resolve is empty then re-cc, these roots/snares/slows need to fixed so they add resolve as it is atm its game breaking and you wonder why you have un-subbed players PVP is broken fact. people are smart and find holes in BW systems as soon the new system is implemented its not only this game some players go out of there way to find these holes and exploit it till the Devs fix it, after thousands of posts about it and months of leting these players get away with it and resulting in the time taken to fix it more and more players UN-SUBBING.
I was about to say the same thing. It now takes more than 2 CC's to fill up resolve. In fact, I've seen an Operative knock someone down 3 times, while he killed his target on a one on one. I've seen it several times in the same Warzone by the same person, in pre-level 50 Warzones. I didn't even know Operatives can knock someone down 3 times one after the other. I have a Scoundrel at level 40, and I only have one knock down that I had to talent into. Even if they use their combat stealth that is 2 times. Still Resolve is not filled after that, and the enemy died barely leaving a scratch on the Operative. What is the third knock down? As I've said, the only one I know, is the one that you must be in stealth to use. PvP has become an Effing joke here. Especially post level 50. Worse than WoW. And I hate the PvP in WoW! Face facts. Resolve is BS!
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