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11.11.2012 , 09:49 PM | #93
I don't care so much what other people do with their money, but I am just not impressed with these items. The thrones everyone will be riding around in will sure look rediculous and that gammorian (or whatever you call them) axe looks good for little more than chopping wood. But yay new monkey lizard pet to add to the collection of pets I don't run around with and most people won't care about because, hey, they got one too. I'm sorry but I am unimpressed with my neighbors honda civic because, you know what? I got one too.
There has to be a way to appeal to the community on a more creative level. Maybe create some mods (since you won't allow people top see the code or make their own) and sell something like a "Recount" mod for $5 in game or something useful. Or how about adding some "Habitable Planets" where people can make an in game home or something more personal. New starship designs? I mean my inquister and warrior got the exact same ride. That just screams lazy developers.
I'm honestly on my last leg with the game as it is just to static and impersonal and just down right restrictive. Sadly the community has gotten so small now, I dare say if this were Alderaan Civil War, Bioware needs a three cap to win, so good luck with that.