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11.11.2012 , 09:30 PM | #1
So, I've been dueling some pretty good players as of late, before I used to lose to them pretty consistently, now I do better. Now that I am winning more duels, I am frequently being told that my force cloak --> mind trap is a "cheap tactic". I of course, would use my 4 second stun on them when their hp got somewhat low. Almost everyone breaks this 4 second stun... and as soon as they do.. I use force cloak --> mind maze --> and then I use my out of combat heal.

The amount of people that are refusing to duel me or just getting outright pissed at me is increasing. Am I in the wrong here? Am I a cheap duelist? Where do you draw the line? Is Undying Rage also a "cheap tactic?" It gives you 4 seconds of nigh invincibility. Is smash cheap? It takes 1/3rd of your hp instantly if not more.

So what do you guys think? Is this force cloak/mind maze/heal a cheap and unacceptable tactic for dueling? I've even had other assassins/shadows tell me it's cheap, and that they don't do it even when fighting someone 1 on 1 in a normal warzone.