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On well populated servers you get instant WZ pops, ranked are always running. You que for a FP for 5-30 minutes max as DPS, instantly for tank and heals. There is world PVP even on POPULATED PVE servers (i have got into quite a few scuffles on a US PVE server as a level 30)and this usually does not need to be organised through forum posts etc, with the exception of world pvp events. People are always pugging Operations too!***edit forgot to mention they also have thriving GTNs!***

We may get the above with ONE UNITED APAC server however even with F2P, i just cant ever seeing the above in green happening on the APAC servers in their current state, sorry to say this but i'm just saying how it is.
Yes and you get abused for being in-character as an RPer. I've rolled an alt on Dalborra, it was not a pleasant experience.

Of course it wouldn't be an issue with cross server queues which is still my preferred solution. If not that, transfers to servers of choice (US RP), but NOT a server merge.