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11.11.2012 , 08:34 PM | #1
After a long break I think it is time to finally get back into the game. Despite the shakeups of the last months there is still plenty I want to see and experience in Swtor.

I currently only have a 50 Pyro on Red Eclipse whom I still need to gear up, my other 50, a NM EC geared Sniper is currently stranded on Freedon Nad and will be transferred as soon as Bioware adds that service.

I'm looking for a relaxed and easy-going guild that is still serious enough to successfully raid once or twice a week - preferably later in the evening since on some days I get home from job/uni rather late (10 pm). My main focus in the next weeks will be gearing up, rebuilding my economic base and hopefully getting to know my new guild, after that I'm up for anything.