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You honestly think that?

There is still at least 70 per faction online on MDN of a night. With obviously Dalborra and Gav being higher, do you really think they would just shut down ALL three of the APAC servers, and ship those 400+ people back to US, when a single server would be a much better solution.
Yes. That's only $2100 worth of subscriptions, if everyone is paying monthly, less if they have longer term subscriptions. I can assure you it cost more to run a server than that. It's likely a cluster of servers, the server cost itself broken down over 3 years with premium support is possibly more than that. Not to mention the high speed internet connection and network equipment, power usage.
I know there are more people subbing than online at any one time, I'm just saying, those numbers aren't that impressive.

And about whether or not so encourage people to play on APAC, I couldn't encourage them without warning them that they may get shafted by playing there. I couldn't try to trick people into playing there for my benefit. I don't believe APAC players get the service level we deserve as paying customers, how could I recommend that?
I would have trouble recommending this game at all actually. Not because I don't like it, but because with this management I can't see it lasting long, possibly intentional.
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