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Didn't mean to come off hostile. We used to hear back from the devs and now they stay pretty quiet. Everyone has questions but no answers makes it hard. Really feels like any other MMO where the PVP aspect of the game gets ignored thinking its not a big part and the game falls apart. I know not everyone is into PVP. But the majority of players quit cuz of pvp and its broken system and we hear nothing back on fixing or looking into. The majority of info put out is for the PVE and RP side of the game. Warzones are slow coming and still no word of world pvp. But they don't mean didly with a broken system. We get no feedback on their end like they could care less. I understand they can't talk about everything in the works but we can't get a "were looking into it" or "something is in the works" type answer. No answer in fact.

Hard to believe we had over 20 servers at launch with sometimes an hr wait to get in game cuz servers were full. They are in total deniel thinking people quit cuz of subscriptions. 1.2 brought change, took away world pvp and broke it further. Then the pvp comunity got fed up and packed its bags. I know their are other aspects why people left but I lost an entire guild of PVP players that were big on the server. How much further can u get with a game without comunication with its players about the good and the bad of the game? Or letting them know you here their concerns.

The state of the game is that the Dev's are in deniel and don't listen. I hate trolling, cuz I enjoy star wars and parts of this game, but your going to continue to see a downward spiral of this game. people will come for f2p but you will soon loose more subscriptions do to ignoring and lying to urself about the true state of the game and what drove everyone away. A good chunk would come back if aspects were broght back and fixed.
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