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11.11.2012 , 05:30 PM | #1
Hi All

I am intrigued at just how F2P is going to play out on this server. After playing on MDN last night for the first time in a long time I had a blast with the exceptional ping however the que times did my head in although we did get some ranked games in. I am still all for population>ping.

I know its only a couple of days away but I wonder what is going to happen with F2P and the impact it will have on Master D. This is what I think will happen.

1. Master D will have the least impact in terms of returning players and F2Pers rolling on Master D compared to all SWTOR servers world wide.

2. There will be a large influx of people initially for the first month, many being new players and returning players.

3. Returning players will most likely blow all their cartel coins and if not impressed with the improvements in the game they will most likely move on within the first couple of weeks of F2P.

4. Master D population will be where it is at now within 3 months of F2P launching and our population woes and frustrations will continue

Now saying the above I would LOVE to be proven wrong. I really love Master D however it is an extremely bi-polar love hate relationship. Sometimes I wish the thing never opened but sometimes I wish we just had a stable well sized population.

Anyway I value our communities opinion... what do you think will happen???

<3 Chippy