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Clearly, gear is op, and it's you who has missed the point. I mean, every on e in this game is stunned 4 liek half the game and every body is losing games because of it! Like, wth BW!
Uhhhh...if everyone is stunned for (not 4, learn to type like a big boy) half the game...and everyone is losing because of it...shouldn't your enemies be losing because of it too? Hmm strange how you can't both lose...which means one of you has to win...which means one team had to of gotten the advantage be it through gear, tactics, luck, skill, or a combination thereof. Gear is gear, you are rewarded for your time and effort playing as it should be. If you fight another noob in recruit then there is where you can prove your skill...better yet try proving your skill by owning WHs while youre in recruit/BM like I used to, it is doable even though its difficult and most likely beyond your abilities. Yes a gear advantage makes a big difference, solution: GRIND THROUGH IT WITHOUT ************ OUT LIKE ALL THOSE WAR HEROS THAT MOP THE FLOOR WITH YOU DID. I did it, my friends did it, even my girlfriend did it and she didnt whine nearly as much as you.

And as for the OP...L2P a healer, yes it is more difficult to get 16+ medals like the taunter/dpsers do, and yes you will get focused fired more. But learn to play around it, learn to be less noticeable, learn to get away, and lastly realize that if you have 3 dps chasing you around for 45 seconds thats 45 seconds your team has 3 less dpsers beating on them so you are still helping. Again, my girlfriend plays better than you guys, she has a scoundrel heals, consistently outheals WH healers, gets tons of medals, and she's only in BM. L2P then complain.